The year is 2185.  Humanity has fled the Earth after a long battle with a new virus known as the Phage.

GearStorm: Armored Survival is a story driven, open world sci-fi survival adventure.  Discover the story of the International Colonial Alliance and our escape from the virus to a new world, Apollyon.  Uncover the mysteries of Apollyon and discover what led to the outbreak and the fall of Earth. Explore the vast world and build a massive base, create your own colony, acquire vehicles, weapons, and supplies to defend it, survive the virus!


 The Frontier

After 300 years of voyaging through interstellar space, we have arrived at the exoplanet Appolyon, Humanities best hope for a new home. and second chance.


The Exomarine

You are the elite, the Exomarine, you are the Vanguard of the colonization effort to Apollyon. Part engineer, part elite trooper, part leader of colonists, you are a one-person force for our survival.  Your mission: Build our new home, secure it, defend it. After 300 years of voyaging in cold memory storage, your body has been reconstituted and your consciousness rebooted to be the first to fight for our new home and build our future.  Choose your character and appearance. Choose your path through deep RPG skills, the honor score system, and experience levels.


The Gear

As a Exomarine you are trained and issued a vast assortment of weapons and equipment to aid in your mission.  Craft and steal a vast array of weapons, attachments, armor, and equipment to survive and protect what's yours.


Mechanized Survival

The EDI has provided blueprints for the latest in mechanized combat vehicles.  Construct wheeled, hover, flying, and walking vehicles, customize the paint, weapons, and upgrades to your specs.


Building a Colony

To survive you will need a base of operations.  Using over 500 types of build-able objects, you can construct a entire colony to house your vehicles, equipment, workers, researchers, and farmers.